Historic Title

Experience The Difference! 

An Inn for Two

A Romantic Couples Getaway


What makes our Cabins so Special ?

        Our cabins are spacious, well appointed

and most important....

they have distance between them!

 Each cabin is surrounded by nature,

neither cabin is visible from the other

- nor can be seen from the main house,


and making it seem like you have truly escaped

the pressures of everyday life!

The Rosewood Cabin

The Main House

The Evergreen Cabin

Each cabin has an amazing view

of the Arrow Lake and Monashee Mountains!

View from The Rosewood Deck

View from The Evergreen Deck

Each cabin is fully self contained,

With all you should need for a relaxing stay.

We provide the dishes, cutlery, cookware, linens etc.

There's even a BBQ on the deck!

Just bring -what ever you wish to eat, what ever refreshments you wish to drink,

what ever CD's you wish to listen to or what ever DVD you wish to watch

And each cabin has a few extras & items others don't

to help make your stay, relaxing, comfortable - and even a little romantic! 

items like....

Comfy bathrobes

Some Candles

Some bubblebath

And a double soaker tub big enough for two!

And after a soak....

Relax on the privacy of the cabin deck, enjoy the views

and the peaceful surroundings about you,

 feel the sun on your cheeks, the wind blowing softly

and then...

let the calm embrace you.