An Inn for Two

A romantic getaway for couples


Reservation Policy


Prepayment of the first night's tariff with a Valid Visa or MasterCard
confirms your reservation,

 balance due at check in

 Cancellation Policy


72 hours (3 days)
prior to your arrival date


Cancellations made between

a booking and 72 hours prior

to a guests check-in date

 is subject to a

$75.00 administration fee

All cancellations made within our 72 hour cancellation policy 
will be subject to the deposit being non refundable


Pet Policy  


*** We require our 4 legged guests to be well behaved at all times,

(No uncontrolled barking, chasing of local deer or the household cat)

*** Outside Parental Supervision of our 4 legged guests is required

at all times,

*** Wondering and exploring of the grounds and property by our

4 legged guests, without their parents,

is not allowed.

*** 4 legged guests who like to wonder – or ‘don’t like to listen to their parents’,

will be required to be tethered or leashed whenever outside

- Our 4 legged guests are never left in the cabin by themselves

at any time, for any reason!

 As our beds covers are down duvets and require additional cleaning

We require our 4 legged guests to please bring their own bed/bedding

and respect our policy of NO sleeping on the bed

An additional $50.00 charge may be applied to Mom or Dad's Credit card

if we find dog hairs on the bedding),

The couch is okay as we will provide an extra covering for that!

We require our 4 legged guest’s parents to clean up any mess made

on the grounds from ‘bathroom outings’

(We will provide a shovel)

That our 4 legged guest’s parents are prepared to pay for any damages caused

 by their 'fur baby/babies'

(We will take an imprint of the registered human’s Cr. Card at check in)


         We have a nightly fee of $15.00 per pet, per night

*** Failure to respect our rules and policies may result in our guests being asked to leave

** No refund will be issued for an early departure or unused days


** We reserve the right to limit the number of pets per cabin

An Inn for Two

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